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Note [2021-05-26]: This is yaup (yet another unmaintained page), due to decreased interest in software engineering. I keep it in my personal graveyard of ambandoned projects / pages, and move my personal page to stefanoskozanis.xyz

Some brief words about skozan AKA Stefanos Kozanis: Computer hobbyist since high school age, made his first steps on computer programming with his Atari computer and with some primitive Basic in the beginning, C and 68000 assembly some later. Studied Surveying Engineering in National Technical University of Athens receiving several honours and distinctions. Earned MSc and PhD degrees in Engineering from National Technical University of Athens on topics related to Computational Mechanics (with Finite Elements Method software tools developed by himself), Mechanics of Continuum and Underground Structures. Worked as a researcher in hydrology sector – software development position, developing computer systems for statistical hydrology, simulations and internet applications such as openmeteo.org. Followed a short career in Greek public sector. Pleasingly collaborating with Ivan F. Villanueva B. on building modern Web applications with latest development tools for the sharing economy such as timefyme.com and wikical.com.
Besides his interest in Engineering and CS, Stefanos is an active musician, classical trained pianist and jazz enthusiast – keyboardist, performing in several Athenian venues with groups or solo.

Current interests

Computer programming languages and libraries
Python, Django, PyQt, javascript, jQuery, C, C++, Pascal, Object Pascal (Delphi)
More technical – computer stuff…
PostgreSQL, ansible, GNU Linux, GIS, PostGIS and GeoDjango, test driven development, async processing (celery), APIs, push technologies
…And even more
Server software development, server setup, backend setup and development, load balancing, high availability, performance tuning, high performance, management of software projects
music, music, music, piano, jazz piano, musical keyboards, analogue synthesizers, electronic music, classical music, electric guitar, electric bass, sound recording, music composition, astronomy, philosophy, bicycling, sailing, politics, vinyl records, film photography, cooking, aircrafts, flight simulator games



S dot Kozanis at g mail dot co m
Terrestrial coordinates
Athens / Greece – Pangrati – Stefanos Kozanis, Athens, Greece
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